2017 mytaxi €20 promotional code topher.laz

posted by The Gopher March 24, 2017 comments

This is a cross post from a friend’s site, the original posting can be found at I in no way get a commission, this is purely to assist those looking for a promo code that actual works for mytaxi.

I usually don’t do this but living in Europe where Uber is few and far between is hard.

I found an app fairly similar to Uber called mytaxi, When you first sign up, use promo code topher.laz and you will get a €20 credit towards your first ride. I only get €10 for referring you but still, it’s something! Wanted to share this because I just used mytaxi to get from the airport to the hotel and search high and low for a promotional code and could not find one. Hopefully this helps someone, again the promo code for a €20 credit towards your first ride is topher.laz

It is always a pain being in a new city and trying to figure out transportation but it seems mytaxi is in a lot of the larger European cities. I used it in Rome just today and highly recommend it.



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