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Delta Gold AmEx 70,000 Bonus Miles

posted by The Gopher April 12, 2018 0 comments

Searching for the best Delta Gold AmEx credit card bonus? You found it! 70,000 Bonus Miles and a $50 credit await you, an exclusive offer!

Well my avid readers, the bonus is back and is available to anyone who uses my exclusive referral link! You won’t find this bonus available on the American Express site, only via my exclusive referral link. So here is how this works.

1.) You signup for the American Express Delta Gold credit card via my link.

2.) Spend $2,000 in the first 3 months and you will get 60,000 bonus miles. If you make a Delta purchase of ANY value, a $50 credit will also be applied to your statement.

3.) To sweeten the deal, if you spend another $1,000 in the first 6 months of the card, you will receive an additional 10,000 mile bonus! Not only that, you earn 1 point for every dollar you spend on everyday purchases and 2 points for every purchase made through Delta, this is in addition to this unbelievable signup bonus.

4.) To take advantage of this offer, signup for the American Express Delta Gold credit card by clicking this link.

I love collecting points, especially from my credit cards. They allow me to travel and see some amazing destinations at the fraction of the cost had I paid in cash. One of my favorite cards is the American Express Delta Gold credit card. Since obtaining the card, I’ve reached Platinum Medallion status. Even better, I have flown Delta One (Delta’s first class cabin) ten times now. All within 2 years of obtaining this invaluable credit card.

When I first signed up, I received a 60,000 bonus for spending $4,000 which was fantastic. That alone was worth one round trip ticket in economy class when flying internationally. When I got to the airport, I was upgraded to Delta One at no additional charge. Talk about a great card! Well, that offer didn’t last long and soon the bonus dropped to 30,000 miles, boo.

This new deal is BETTER than when I originally signed up and BEATS the other offers currently available. Other deals require you to spend $3,000 in 3 months and only get 30,000 bonus miles. If you spend that same $3,000 using my exclusive referral link, not only will you get the regular 30,000 bonus miles but an additional 40,000 on top of it. And of course if you make at least one purchase via Delta, you will get a $50 credit card statement credit as well.

Again, this exclusive deal is not available anywhere else. You will not find it in other travel blogs and those deals that you will find will only give you a fraction of the points that my link will provide. If you are lucky, you may find a deal on the American Express website but it will not be as good as this one!

This card is a must have for anyone who loves being treated like royalty from Delta. Priority boarding, access to Delta lounges, access to SkyTeam lounges, no foreign transaction fees, purchase protection, free travel insurance, and even free car rental insurance! This card is a must have for the serious adventurer. It is my go-to credit card that I use anytime I travel abroad due to the amazing perks that come with it. Not only do I save some serious money but I travel for free more often too.

So what are you waiting for? Your free vacation of your dreams is waiting, sign up today before this offer expires! Share with your friends to get a bonus of your own after you signup for the card.


Divorce and Visa Situation in Germany

posted by The Gopher July 17, 2017 0 comments

Surprise surprise, my wife is a slut! Surprised? I’m not, she pulled the same shit before we were married but I was too dumb to realize, “once a cheater, always a cheater”. So you live and Germany as an Ausländer and the visa you have is tied to the person you are now divorcing. How screwed are you? It depends. If you have an Niederlassungserlaubnis, you should be fine, it’s permanent residency after all. If you are an unfortunate person like myself stuck on a Aufenthaltserlaubnis, it’s time to switch to a different visa!

Have kids with your German wife? Stop here, you are fine regardless, anchor babies for the win!

Are you on Hartz IV? Your’re screwed, start packing your bags.

Are you a student? You might be screwed, switch to a student visa ASAP (there are some odd requirements, mainly money available and sitting in a German bank account)

Are you employed? You should be fine, just make sure you get your company to sponsor you. If you make less than the requirements, you may be screwed. Working as a stock-boy at Rewe may mean you might be out of here real soon.

Are you self-employed? You might be screwed, depends on how much you make. Governments love tax dollars, the more you make, the safer you are. The safe formula is your basic cost of living (rent + utilities + health insurance + 300 euros).

The main point is if you are facing the prospect of a divorce in Germany and want to stay (why wouldn’t you right? the only bad thing about the country was your significant other anyway), is depending on your situation, you may be okay, you may not. Best advice is consult an immigration attorney. Since Germany doesn’t really believe in free market capitalism like the rest of us, most lawyer fees are capped unless you waive that (why would you?!). You’re looking at about 500 euros for them to fix your situation. Of course that is assuming you have a job, have health insurance and all the other requirements your previous spousal visa required. If you are from the EU, this is all moot, you have the right to live and work here automatically. This post is mainly for us poor saps from the countries outside the EU. Speaking German is absolutely CRUCIAL. If you can’t get by without your significant other, step up your game IMMEDIATELY.

Personally, I have not consulted an immigration attorney. I am one of those people that always manages somehow. Being self-employed has it’s benefits for sure but most do not have that luxury. I also speak enough Deutsch to communicate effectively (I am in no ways fluent but have been down the government red tape aisle many times).

The key is not to panic, well unless you are dirt poor and sucking off the government’s teet, it might be time to panic.

Best advice is if you are close to eligibility to a Niederlassungserlaubnis, stall. Stall stall stall. I was unfortunate, because I was only recently declared self-employed, I didn’t get it but I did get a 3 year extension of my visa. Technically, I should switch to a self-employment visa but the pencil pushers at the Ausländerbehörde are so overworked because of the refugee crises, I slipped through the cracks when I moved out as I imagine most do. If you have kept your nose clean and manage to extend your visa another 3 years, you should go unnoticed, especially in bigger cities. By time you hit 5 years and are making a living income (see the formula above), the Ausländerbehörde will grant you a Niederlassungserlaubnis regardless.

Oh, and if you married someone that cheated on you before, she will do it again. it’s not a question of if but rather when. If you want to stay here, learn German, get a job, get insurance, stay out of trouble and aim for bigger cities because like I said, the pencil pushers just don’t have enough time to worry about a clean cut person from the West.


2017 mytaxi €20 promotional code topher.laz

posted by The Gopher March 24, 2017 0 comments

This is a cross post from a friend’s site, the original posting can be found at I in no way get a commission, this is purely to assist those looking for a promo code that actual works for mytaxi.

I usually don’t do this but living in Europe where Uber is few and far between is hard.

I found an app fairly similar to Uber called mytaxi, When you first sign up, use promo code topher.laz and you will get a €20 credit towards your first ride. I only get €10 for referring you but still, it’s something! Wanted to share this because I just used mytaxi to get from the airport to the hotel and search high and low for a promotional code and could not find one. Hopefully this helps someone, again the promo code for a €20 credit towards your first ride is topher.laz

It is always a pain being in a new city and trying to figure out transportation but it seems mytaxi is in a lot of the larger European cities. I used it in Rome just today and highly recommend it.

President Elect Donald Trump

Donald Trump Is Now President Elect Donald Trump

posted by The Gopher November 9, 2016 0 comments

I wasn’t a fan of Clinton or Trump nor did I vote for either of them but was shocked by the election results. What looked like a Clinton win by a land side quickly dissipated throughout the evening. As more polling stations closed and numbers crossed the tapes, states that media commentators were certain were Clinton’s went to Trump. Today the world is in disbelief just as we were when Brexit happened. The 45th President of the United States will be Donald Trump.

There is a bright side to all this, we are trying something new. We have a president elect that doesn’t bow to party pressures, that is a Washington outsider, and isn’t afraid to shake up the establishment.

Isn’t that something we have been asking for as Americans for a while now? Yes he does and says despicable things and I will not defend his deplorable actions but perhaps, this is the shake up we need. Will he fail? Maybe. Will he succeed? Maybe. It’s too early to tell what will happen.

Either way, I think this will be a wake up call to both the democrat party and republican party that we need better candidates. That we need candidates that are not career politicians, candidates with an outsider view, something Washington has been lacking for far too long; that when elected, they need to do better. Current politicians take note, we have had it with your ineffectiveness.

I hope my fellow Americans will do some soul searching and realize the republican party and democrat party have failed us for far too long; we must look to the third parties for real change. Alternatives exist, we aren’t shackled to these two parties forever and we shouldn’t be. I was very disappointed by the lack of showing for the Libertarians this election when just 3 weeks ago my news feed was filled with posts about Gary Johnson from many different people. Maybe we need a wake up call like our politicians for change to really happen.

At the end of the day, we need to look at the bright side because otherwise all we have is darkness and despair. We need to come together as a nation and perhaps at the same time, we can teach Trump about acceptance, empathy, and humanity.

We will persevere as we always do. Logo
Reviews Scam

posted by The Gopher November 7, 2016 0 comments

When booking a hotel for a stay in a foreign land, you have a lot of choices, unfortunately one of those choice that seems to pop up and tempt you with low prices is Let me start off by saying I have booked many stays all over the world, I usually use Orbitz for hotels or HostelWorld for hostels. I have never had any issue with these other services, they have always been top notch when there is a problem with a hotel and always resolve the problem in a satisfactory manner. This was the first time, and the last time I will ever use as they are the exact opposite.

The reason I used was simply because they had the lowest price by a wide margin. I will usually use Orbitz but because this was a last minute booking the price differences were huge. When we arrived in Berlin to try and get to the hotel we booked, we were shocked to find out the Berlin Marathon was happening that weekend. This meant a lot of road closures, even worse, the roads to our hotel, City Inn, were all closed. Usually this isn’t a problem but since we had a vehicle, we needed to park it at the hotel and weren’t about to park it at some seedy parking garage as the employee originally suggested which was 5 km away!

We tried calling City Inn to try and find a way to the hotel, we figured if anyone knew what roads would be opened, it would be the staff at our hotel. The staff member that answered the phone was helpful at first, originally suggesting a parking garage over 5 km away. This wasn’t acceptable to us, we booked this hotel specially for the parking garage, we weren’t about to leave our rental car so far away in an area that wasn’t safe. After a few minutes of explainig why we didn’t want to park so far away, he began guiding us towards the hotel from what was our current location but once again, we hit a road closure. After a few more minutes of him trying to navigate us around the closures, he simply gave up and hung up on us. We tried calling City Inn again and once the employee realized it was us, he hung up.

We called back once again to ask to speak to a manager and were yet again hung up on. The individual hung up on us a total of 3 times simply because he refused to assist us to get to the hotel! This was unacceptable and since it was getting late, we decided to stop at the first hotel we saw a little further from the city center which ended up being a Budget Ibis.

Since we no longer required the City Inn reservations, we sent an email to explaining the situation but never received a response. After arriving home, I contacted American Express to reverse the charge since we had not received any response from Let me make this clear, if you cannot get to a hotel that you purchased and it is not the fault of your own, i.e. every road to the hotel is closed and the staff at the hotel refuses to assist, it is the right of the customer for a full refund. It is one thing to book a hotel and not show up because you decided you no longer want it but it’s another when there is no possible route to the hotel. ended up fighting the chargeback (of course) and winning. Surprising because they didn’t seem to have any interest in responding to our emails but if it’s going to cost them money, all of the sudden they respond. We are out $221.98 as they charged us for the FULL booking. Neither City Inn nor have attempted to assist us in refunding the $221.98 for a hotel room we couldn’t use. Any other service would have gladly refunded you the full amount if the Hotel was not as described, not in operation, or there was no way to get to the hotel but not

I recommend never using, they will not assist you in the least but should your booking have a problem, you will receive nothing but radio silence. Emails to their customer service department go unanswered and calling their only available phone number, in Ireland will cost a fortune. I would have called their customer service number had I thought the complaint would have yielded something but there are many other horror stories out there of being on hold for HOURS and then being hung up on when you do finally get through to a real human.

I would equate to a scam, they are more than happy to take your money but if you need anything other than to pay them, they will have zero interest in assisting you. Stay away from unless you enjoy flushing your money down the toilet and receive nothing in return. Customer service is awful from any European company, you are better off using an American company for booking hotels, you have more rights and they treat customers right.


Limestone Networks are a bunch of spammers

posted by The Gopher October 3, 2016 0 comments

I hate spam, whether it’s in my inbox or on my blog. Spammers are the vain of the modern internet. I started to fight back a long time ago, I operate many different spamtraps and can usually figure out where exactly the address was gathered from. Today I received some spam from a company called Limestone Networks.

I have no prior business relationship with this “company” besides receiving massive amounts of spam from their crappy network. Unlike previous spam messages emitted from their network, this message was directly from Limestone Networks! It was most definitely scrapped from the web too, this email address is only used for tracking spam. Take a look:

From: Felipe Fleury
Subject: Improve your hosting network


Hello <name of spamtrap removed>!

This is Felipe Fleury with Limestone Networks. We provide DDoS protected, enterprise dedicated servers for virtualization, web hosting, and reselling out of Dallas, Texas. I wanted to get in touch with you to discuss the possibility of expanding your network with a Dallas location to reach client all over the U.S. and the World.

Take a look at our dedicated server lineup, I can offer great discounting on top of our website prices:

If this is something you would be interested in or if you would like to discuss this further, please let me know and we can scheduled a call. I am also available via email, Skype, Facebook or any means of communication that works for you.

We are eager to provide you with the simple, solid, and superior level of service that we have always offered here at Limestone Networks to make sure all of your dedicated server needs are met and to continue growing alongside you.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for your time,

Felipe Fleury

Account Specialist
Limestone Networks, Inc.
214-586-0555 ext 107; 877-586-0555
Simple. Solid. Superior

The information contained in this e-mail is strictly confidential and for the intended use of the addressee only. Any disclosure, use or copying of the information by anyone other than the intended recipient is prohibited. If you have received this message in error, please notify the sender immediately by return e-mail. Limestone Networks has taken every reasonable precaution to ensure that any attachment to this e-mail has been checked for viruses. We accept no liability for any damage sustained as a result of software viruses and advise you carry out your own virus checks before opening any attachment. You agree to be held liable for damages if you forward, post or allow to be posted any or all of the contents of this email.

The absolute BEST part of their stupid unsolicited spam email was the bottom part. Yeah, it’s not confidential assholes, I am not a client of yours, and never was. I am more than HAPPY to disseminate your spam to the rest of the world so everyone knows exactly the type of company they are dealing with.

Never do business with Limestone Networks, they have spammers for clients and are spammers themselves! DROP their network, it will save you some sanity! Oh and Felipe Fleury, whoever you are, you should change your title to Spam Specialist because that’s what you are. Dirt bag.

Oh and I look forward to the DMCA notice like Kris sent, pretty sure my host won’t care, I consult for them and the network engineer is well aware of their spam sending ways too!


Dear UpWork

posted by The Gopher August 2, 2016 0 comments

Your client tracking software is the biggest piece of shit I have ever used. You spent so much time making it “pretty” that it simply doesn’t work fast, as expected, and crashes ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

Please, fix the software so I can get back to work without having to restart the fucking client every five minutes. Either hire someone who knows how to program something properly and make it pretty or simply make it ugly but work properly. Is that too much to ask for? This is why no one likes your crappy company, the software is absolute shit. oDesk was so much better, the current CEO fucked everything up because he’s a greedy prick.

Don’t get my started on your awful website.


10 Year Difference

posted by The Gopher July 30, 2016 0 comments

It scares me that I am wishing for a time machine to go back 10 years. If I wish for a time machine to go back 10 years in 10 years, I will be back in hell. Did I ever feel this way 10 years ago? If I did, I don’t remember but as of now, it does feel like I am in hell and in 10 years, I hope I do not wish to come back here.

The Truth About the Declaration of Independence

Happy 4th of July!

posted by The Gopher July 4, 2016 0 comments

This is my fourth year abroad celebrating the 4th of July. Nothing beats home on this day, that is for sure.

To my fellow Americans and all freedom lovers around the world, Happy 4th of July! May your fireworks scream higher and hamburgers taste better than the year before!